Fostering Canadian-Asian

Research Collaborations

WORLDiscoveries® Asia, a subsidiary of WORLDiscoveries, functions as the technology transfer and business development office for Western University, Lawson Health Research Institute, and Robarts Research Institute. We strive to enhance Canada’s engagement in research collaboration, technology commercialization, and venture capital investment in the Asian region by providing a unique set of professional services to Canadian research institutions and start-ups. We facilitate the exploration of partnership opportunities in Asia, bridging Canadian innovation with the global industry.



Our focus lies in delivering quality professional services to our clients and achieving financial sustainability. This includes facilitating collaborations and partnerships between Canadian institutions and their Asian counterparts, as well as providing guidance and support throughout the technology commercialization process. While we recognize the importance of moving research from labs to people’s lives, our primary focus is on facilitating partnerships and collaborations to achieve our goals.


We are a team of business development professionals with expertise in IP-based partnership building, international tech transfer, and commercialization. Our approach emphasizes collaboration and building strong relationships to create customized strategies that enhance the chance of success in international partnering.

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